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Marching (Dragging) Daisies

30 May

Today was our monumental march in the Memorial Day parade.

I can’t say I was excited.  This weekend has been fun but so very busy!  So when the kids awakened me at 6:30 and I saw it was raining…ugh..I imagined dragging my girl through the parade…wet!  Then there was the matter of an outfit…it was damp and kind of windy when we left.

But 2 minutes before we started parading the sun came out ablaze (and my hair did a complete frizz).  All of us moms started sweating…and we hadn’t even started to march yet!

I tell you it was so adorable though.  Our brilliant leader got each of the girls a flag and a Daisy to carry.  I felt honored to be marching with this adorable group of kindergarten girls.  And did I mention it was a long walk?  These little cuties had to be tired.

We were all wiped out and decided not to attend the town fair.  We accepted a spontaneous invite to BBQ with our friends while the kids frolicked in the blow up pool.  I’m just loving the entry into my favorite season!  Bring on the heat! :)

Who else ranks summer as the best season?

They’ve Got The Whole World in Their Hands

29 May

Ah what a nice holiday weekend.  The weather is beautiful and our day was free of plans yesterday because my daughter was still sick on Friday. Thankfully she is feeling better. So we did some kung fu in the morning on Saturday and then had lunch at my husband’s club.  Then we pulled out the kiddie pool and the kids were beside themselves with glee.

Today my daughter had a morning birthday party at a movie theater, while the other two played mini golf. We saw Kung Fu 2. I found myself getting choked up at times…what’s wrong with me!!?

We are headed to a pool party this afternoon. And tomorrow my daughter marches in the Memorial Day parade with her fellow Daisies!

Despite all this, my son is still saying he’s got “nothing to do”!  How are you enjoying your Memorial Day weekend?

Have You Gotten Your Free Drugs Yet?

28 May

With 5 members in my family, I would estimate that I easily fill at least 10 prescriptions for antibiotics yearly.  And I can think of at least two incidents this year when one of the children couldn’t stomach the med and I had to return to the pharmacy to get another different antibiotic.  With our insurance, a generic antibiotic costs us $10.00 plus $2.99 for flavor.  So if I run the numbers I spend at least $115.00 a year on antibiotics.

Where I am going with this?

Let me tell you about this week.  My daughter is sick with a sinus infection.  The pediatrician put her on amoxicillin.  I know she likes the “pink medicine”.  When I went to Walgreen Pharmacy to get it, the pharmacist told me they can no longer get the amoxicillin from Teva, and he wants me to be aware that the medicine he is giving me is white but that it tastes the same.  Are you sure it tastes exactly like the pink stuff?,  I ask.  He tells me it is the same medicine.

I bring it home and reassure my daughter that even though the medicine is white (she had a bad experience ingesting another white medicine, augmentin) it is exactly the same taste as the pink medicine.  I open it up and right away I see the consistency and the smell is different.  In fact I have leftover pink stuff in the fridge (don’t ask me why!) for comparison.

Well, she doesn’t drink it.  I can’t say I blame her.

I call CVS Pharmacy.  They have the pink stuff but the pharmacist tells me my insurance won’t cover it as the same medicine was just filled.  He tells me I can pay $36.00 out of pocket.  So I ask my pediatrician if he would consider writing the prescription on for my other daughter so I can have insurance coverage.  He can’t.

Then it hits me.

I remember seeing signs in my supermarket for free antibiotics.  I call to check.  I wasn’t delusional.  They are free!  That’s right…free!

My local supermarket is Stop & Shop.  But it seems like supermarkets all over the country are doing it too.  My quick search turned up free antibiotics at Publix, Wegmans, Giant, and ShopRite.

Were you aware of this great deal?

Irritable Imp

27 May

I’ve written about the behavior of my little one.  I’ve shown you what she looks like when she isn’t happy.  So, I have to admit I’m nervous when it comes to things like dance recitals.

She had hers a few weeks ago.

It started out well and for a few moments I believed my worry was for naught.

But then it happened.  One of her fellow ballerinas beat her to the spot she wanted.

The audience members chuckled at how cute she looked with her mad face.  But I knew better.

I was mentally counting down….

And I knew a complete meltdown was coming…fast…

She broke down hysterically crying and ran to me shouting that the other girl is “stupid”.  It took about 15 minutes of coaxing from me, my sister-in-law and niece to get her back into the show.  And it was ultimately my sister-in-law’s threat that the present she bought would only be given if the little one danced.

This kid is so headstrong but she’s teetering on being bratty.  She’s been quite a challenge lately.  Maybe I need to incorporate some kung fu into my discipline techniques.

How do you manage your strong-willed child?

On My Baby Turning 4…Today!

25 May

Someone please give me a verbal slap.  I’m being a completely ridiculous mush.

I’m remembering walking into the hospital 4 years ago today.  It was about 7 a.m.  We had loaded up the then 18 month old twins into the car so my husband could drop me off at the hospital.  I had seen my doctor the day before; he told me to come in the next morning as I was dilated, and, it was the Friday before Memorial day weekend :)

I was forlorn as I walked into the giant hospital doors, having just had to say goodbye to my clueless twins for the next 48 hours…the longest I had ever been apart from them.  Before I went to the check in area I darted into the bathroom for a colossal cry.  I was overwhelmed with fear (about how I would manage 3 babies), guilt (about how the twins would not be getting the same attention from me that they had always had), anxiety and sadness (for the same reasons).  It’s with shame that I admit that none of the feelings in that moment were of joy.

(When I pulled it semi together it was then it also hit me…holy sh*t another labor is imminent…again!)

Life before the little one is now blurry.  Within minutes of her arrival, we were acutely aware of what had been missing in our family.  She barged into our world full of fire and red hair (throwing my back out for 3 weeks in the process!)  and carved out her rightful spot as baby in our family of five.

And today she turns 4 years old.  Didn’t I just write about her turning 3? !  I’m having a hard time with it.  This article explains it as being linked to knowing that she is going to be my last child.

Can anyone relate?

Did the World End? I Was in the Hamptons!

22 May

We drove out to our friends’  house in East Hampton yesterday on a whim. It’s a bit of a drive, and we had to be back in the evening, but the plan was to spend the day and enjoy our friends.

When we arrived the kids ran in, embraced everyone, and went to town like it was their house.

The grown ups sat outside on the patio.  It was sooo lovely!  I don’t quite understand why I felt so relaxed.  The kids were still tattling on each other, tearing up the house and asking for more snacks every 3 seconds.

Maybe it was the air, the company, the wine, and just being in the moment in a peaceful place away from home. It got even better when the sun came out blazing and we were finally able to head to the beach.

But before we could, the little one had a clothing mishap.  Though I brought half the house with us on our day trip, I neglected to bring spare panties.

It’s a good thing, however, that we convinced her to don the only extra available underpants we could find, as it wasn’t long before she was running along the beach, dress less…

I didn’t look at my Blackberry all day.  When I did, it was past 6, no rapture, no doomsday, it appeared.

Just a few worn out monkeys :)

How did you spend the supposed last day of existence?

Potty Mouths

18 May

Oh boy, I haven’t even written this post yet and I know I’m going to hear it from my mother.

So here it is.  My 3 monkeys new favorite thing to do is run around the house yelling,


Then, they gather around my daughter, the artist, who, with her dry erase board, proceeds to draw each body part, through giggles and excitement.  Once they are drawn one of  the kids volunteers to reveal the real body part.

My husband’s response:  (angrily directed at me) “do something!”

My response: steady silence (for the video camera balanced in my hand) interrupted by uncontrollable laughter.  Then composure and a discussion about those parts, and the talk and art work about them needing to being private.

That was the first time.  Now I have to firmly cut them off and say “No potty mouth!”

So, who else has butt, penis, and vagina obsessed kids?

Little Kung Fu Master

15 May

The kids have been taking a martial arts class for several weeks now.  The impetus behind the enrollment was that we wanted to find an outlet for my boy to get out some of his testosterone impulses, instead of pounding on his sisters on a daily basis.  I almost wasn’t going to enroll the 3-year-old but the girls both expressed interest, and the class takes 3-5 year olds, so it seemed perfect.  And how could I pass up the chance to have 30 minutes of a clear mind while the kids get some discipline?

We expected my son, or at least one of the twins, to really take to it.

But to our surprise, amusement and pride, it’s our little crazy one who is excelling in the class.  She listens and follows directions, very different than the picture we see at home.

And this week she was rewarded by earning her yellow belt, much to the twin’s anger and disappointment!

And when I say they were disappointed, I mean it…crying, full-blown, in my legs (You can see their pre-cry faces in the mirror of the photo) as the little one asked me to take off her white belt and put on her yellow belt!

Can you see the pride?  She’s all kung fu business with that yellow belt.  She even slept with it that night :)

Coldstone Creamery Party

14 May

Today I had some great one on one time with my daughter. We just left a 6 year old girls only party at Cold Stone Creamery.

Who would’ve thought they do parties? The kids got to see how ice cream is made and walk in the freezer :)

Of course the highlight was when she made her own concoction: cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears, marshmallows, Kit Kats and sprinkles (gag!). Now she’s bouncing off the walls!

We’ve got another birthday party tomorrow. Is it me or are you also finding yourself going to way more parties in the spring?

My First Manic Blogiversary

10 May

It occurred to me today, in the midst of all the running and chaos, that I started this blog last May.

When I sorted through all the posts, I discovered that I did indeed start-up last May, on this very day!  So yay!  One year of memories documenting this crazy life.

As I scrolled through the posts, many of them were reminders of funny moments, great moments, everyday moments, and sad moments, in addition to my awesome freshly pressed moment, many of which I had already forgotten!

And I still cannot fathom that people actual visit here, daily, to check out what I have to say.  Really, it’s almost incomprehensible, so thank you thank you…I am touched beyond belief!

I wasn’t sure what my goal was when I started writing on here, and it may change, but I figure at the very least this is a great journal for my kids to look back upon.

And when I look back upon masterpieces like this one from Mother’s Day, I know that I will yearn to be where I am right now…… the midst of soaking up these magical fleeting days with the little ones…


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