Getting Gorgeous NYC 2011

4 Apr

I was so excited to attend the 2011 Getting Gorgeous event in NYC over the weekend.  I am in awe of my very talented friend Vera Sweeney and her partner Audrey McClelland who created these events about fashion and beauty for everyday women, or worn out moms like me!  Last year’s was a hit so I was excited to set out  in the morning with my buddy Elpida for a kid and husband free day of getting gorgeous!

The sun was shining, the traffic wasn’t bad, AND we got parking on the street.  We were already winning!  We arrived early and got in line…first, I might add!  As soon as we were allowed in we grabbed our free mimosas from the Simply Orange stand.  Like the nerd that I am, I went on and on with the guy about how much I love the Simply Orange juices.  I am very excited about the coupons I received.

I ushered Elpida to the service area as I knew we had to take advantage of being there in the beginning.

We learned about Hair Room Service and we’re still thinking about what a great service that is for moms!  I would have loved some at home hair styling before my surprise 40th :).  We were the FIRST attendees to get styled, and it was awesome.

Elpida’s hair is very straight, as in Japanese Hair Straightening straight so when she asked for waves we thought it was almost impossible………..but…………..I guess when a celebrity stylist works on you, anything is possible!

See?  Gorgeous already!  But check out my eyes.  So tired, saggy and baggy….but not for long!

We headed over to Lifetime moms where they were “serving” Diva makeovers!  We could get some help with lips, eyes or cheeks.  It was a no brainer for me and before long my tired eyes were being transformed into “smokey eyes”.

Elpida chose lips.  And we looked fab as we heard more about Lifetime Mom’s Drop Dead Diva series.

We got loads of goodies and samples which I will tell you more about when I try them.  But check out all the sponsors who were involved:

Degree — title sponsor

Tide to Go


Simply Orange Juice

Flip Out Sandals


Sarah Potempa

Dream Water

Goody Hair

Miraclebody (I’m still in love with my jeggings from last year’s Getting Gorgeous)


BJs Wholesale

Lifetime Moms

Weight Watchers

Hair Room Service

Amy Tara Koch

Sandals Resorts

Georgetown Cupcakes


For more information on Getting Gorgeous click here.

I’m off to rummage through all my loot from the event :)

2 Responses to “Getting Gorgeous NYC 2011”

  1. Dr Doom April 6, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

    Do they do something like getting handsome for men?

  2. Barbara @ Just Another Manic Mommy April 7, 2011 at 10:18 am #

    Dr Doom,love that idea!

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