Mickey’s Magic Show and Riding the Railroad

20 Mar

Whenever we pick up my husband after work at the train station, the kids ask when they can go for a ride.  So we surprised them this morning with the news that we would be taking the train into NYC, AND seeing Mickey’s Magic Show.

Highlights of the train ride included looking out the window at all the sights, giving tickets to the conductor, and tricking mom by pretend sleeping.

When we got to Penn Station, the excitement only continued.  I told them all about how busy the train station gets and we did a little people watching while their dad got a snack.  My husband and I frequently find ourselves starved on days like this because we are rushing to organize and get the kids fed and then we completely disregard our own needs for nourishment.  It was at this point I longingly looked over at Starbucks, but there was no time, sigh.

Meanwhile, the kids wanted me to find our house on the NYC subway map!

So then we make it into the packed Madison Square Garden Theater with 15 minute to spare which was perfect.  Ten seconds into the experience the kids start pleading and begging for those light up wand things which you imagine will be broken by the train ride home.   But hey my husband and I relented and figured we bought the kids some delight and ourselves a little peace because they were much more riveted by the show once they had them.

The show was cute and some of the magic was really impressive.  When it was all over the kind lady behind us spotted my camera and suggested we let her take picture…a typical looking family shot for us :) (damn those wands!)

The train ride home was peaceful enough though it was only 1:30…how could that be!?  The kids seemed to have a great time on our excursion and continued the magic on the train…

Do you take your kids to shows?

One Response to “Mickey’s Magic Show and Riding the Railroad”

  1. Grandparent March 21, 2011 at 10:12 pm #

    What charming children! They must be adorable.

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