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Saying Goodbye Again, Party, and Neck Braces

3 Feb

Last November, I recalled my life history with my constant companions…glasses and contacts.  I told you that I was just days away from getting laser eye surgery.  The surgery did not happen as planned; it had to be rescheduled for months later….so here I am again preparing physically and mentally for tomorrow’s procedure.  I wore contacts for the last time last Thursday and I am 18 hours away from hopefully perfect unaided vision!

Aside from abstaining from contacts for 1 week prior to surgery I am also taking some eye drops and oral medication which started today.   Meanwhile, thankfully, my husband is on a good upward swing of his recovery from neck surgery, just in time to help me with MY recovery!

So one of my last social outings with glasses today was attending a birthday party for our little friends turning 4 and 3 years old.  I was so pleased my husband joined us as this is one of his first post surgery outings.  The party was at one of those game places and the kids were quivering with excitement whenever they “won” and tickets would spit out.

Do you remember Joan Cusak in Sixteen Candles?

At some point when the kids were eating pizza I couldn’t locate my husband.  Now considering he is still a recent post-op, I got a little worried, wondering if he was ill somewhere.  I started to look around outside the pizza room when I stumbled upon him and Joan Cusak!

Okay of course not really Joan Cusak.  But there he was, in his big protruding neck brace, talking to a woman, with the same neck brace!  2 patched up necks in the same party place, comparing surgeries and medical histories.  His hands were  flailing, but heads were not at all.   The braces were drawn to one another!  Well you know me, I HAD to snap a picture of it (without Joan seeing me do it)!

Oh I wish were describing it better.  I keep laughing thinking about it.

Maybe that’s what I’ll have to think about it when my EYEBALLS are being lasered tomorrow!!!!!  Send good thoughts please, please, please!!!

And feel free to give me other ideas about what to think about when I’m in the chair seeking calm thoughts…

Living Between Snowstorms

1 Feb

This has been an incredible winter of snow.  We are bracing for another mega snow dump this week and I can barely get down my street as it is!  The snow is great to play in when it’s fresh…

But once it’s even a day old it gets nasty.

So we have consequently been on the hunt for different indoor activities.  I had been seeing that Lakeshore Learning Center offered crafts for kids on Saturdays so we went and checked it out.

Boy these people are smart marketers.  The place was jammed with kids participating in the activities…and with parents purchasing the products.  They have some great educational toys but to me it seems very pricey.

They had a lot of fun making weather vanes.

But the coolest part was watching a volcano ‘erupt’.

They were talking about volcanoes for the rest of the day.  So later, we did a little volcano experiment of our own with vinegar and baking soda.

Does the snow have you doing anything different lately?


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