Taking Kids to the Movies

13 Dec

With HBO and DVR and DVD rentals, we rarely go the movies.  At almost eleven bucks per ticket without considering snacks, on top of the cost of a babysitter, my husband and I would rather stay home and watch movies (plus we are very easily annoyed by people!).

So this weekend was very special because got motivated and took the kids to see their first movie in the movie theater.  My daughter has been dying to see Tangled so that’s what we saw.  It was delightful.  I’ve always loved the story of Rapunzel and now I know why she has long hair!  The twins were mesmerized.  The little one was somewhat restless but basically did well.

Though we’ve only done this once, I have an idea of what to do to make the movie theatre excursion work with the little guys:

1–Don’t get there early!  This is hard for me because I am an early/punctual person but the little guys don’t need to watch previews and wait around so get to the movie on time or even a few minutes late.

2–Sit by other families and/or away from people who might be bothered by noise.  I imagine this won’t be a problem in most kid movies but you never know!

3–Snacks!!! Being the cheap asses we are, we weren’t going to get popcorn, but it’s a must!  We got a big tub and 3 empty bags and refilled as necessary…kept the kids busy, satiated and content.

4–Beverages!!!  No need to buy them right?  We brought juice boxes and a bottle of water.

As I sat with them in the theater I wondered if the day will be forever etched in their memories.  I was around the same age as the twins when I went to the theater for the first time…I saw Freaky Friday and I still have a vague memory of it 35 years later!

Do you remember your first movie theater movie?

2 Responses to “Taking Kids to the Movies”

  1. elana December 14, 2010 at 7:55 am #

    i don’t recall my first movie but am pretty sure it was at the rockaway mall at a cost of about $3.00 per ticket! :)

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