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DAY 3 of Captivity

28 Dec

We are still post blizzard here and I’m starting to go a bit stir crazy.  Even the kids are looking afar at the world outside of here!

I’m also really, really craving a chai tea latte.  I haven’t been to Starbucks in days because prior to the snow and right before Christmas I came down with a case of food poisoning.  I knew I was really sick when I had no desire to have tea (or anything else for a few days).

Anyway we played outside for over an hour this morning.  My goal was to complete exhaust the kids so they would take a nap, and, knock on wood, it is miraculously quiet over here right now! :)

Thank goodness they have tons and tons of new toys to keep them occupied.  It’s amazing how creative they are in their play.  For instance, they devised in intricate tea party with their new tea set and pillow pets.

The little one, who has become a supreme b**** lately is  yelling:

Stop taking pictures MOMMY!

My husband is one of seven, so the amount of presents they receive is completely excessive.

And even today, among all their new things, they asked if there were any more presents!

So how do you entertain your kids when you’re trapped in the house?

Hello Snow

27 Dec

I can’t think of a better day to have a blizzard than on the Monday of my kids school vacation.  It was going to be a struggle entertaining them anyway!

It’s really fierce out there so we spent the usual 25 minutes bundling up ready to head out.  This looks like 3 kids each coming at me thrusting various pieces of  outer wear in my face for help and then getting into fights with one another about who gets helped first.

My kids are so tired of me taking pictures.  I tell them it’s for them…that when they are grown they will appreciate the 5001 pictures I have of each of them!

We live on a cul-de-sac so during a snowstorm all the snow from the street is piled into a big mountain in the center = a fabulous adventure for the kiddos!

But even though you see my husband diligently snow blowing, the little one insisted  on ‘helping’ because she was struggling too hard to climb the mountain.

And not long after that, she became stuck somewhere between the front yard and the back yard and her older sister had to crawl to us for help.

Of course they wanted tea when they came in from the cold!

Did your kids play in snow today?

Clearly, This Child Is Not Fed Enough…

25 Dec

For all who celebrate, Merry Christmas!

Ants On a Log

23 Dec

Have you ever tried this wonderful snack?

I’m always looking for ways to incorporate protein into the kids snacks.  They love peanut butter and it was my husband who suggested we make ants on a log (which I had never heard of!).

So easy and fun for the kids!  Just add peanut butter to a celery stalk and place raisins on top…very nutritious and healthy!

What healthy snacks do you give your kids?

When Days are Long…Hop on a Merry go Round

22 Dec

It’s pretty sad when the merry-go-round proprietors at the mall know you.

But when it’s cold out and we need something exciting to do to entertain the gang, the merry-go-round is a great option! Lately they’ve been feeling too cool for the horses, instead, opting for that spinning thing.

I can barely stand on the merry-go-round platform without hurling, so there’s no way I can be on that thing spinning within spinning.

My husband clearly wasn’t enjoying it either! (But he’s such a great sport :))

The next thrill was the train.

I’m glad they were interested because last time, the twins said it was too much of a baby thing which made me sad!

After our 15 minutes of fun was over we rode the escalator which is the final thrill of this event.  Last year I was alone with the kids and somehow my daughter didn’t step on.  There she was crying at the bottom as I ascended.  Thankfully, a nice mom jumped up to comfort her as I made my way back down.  But these days, they all hop on fearlessly.

After that we dined at Chili’s which is my husband’s favorite dining franchise.  (We refer to Applebees as Crapplebees)It’s funny to see how their tastes are maturing.  For one thing, my daughter now loves chili.  She’s also a big fan of quesedillas.  And my son, he can’t get enough of corn on the cob.  Watching him was hysterical.

Eyes closed…savoring every kernel!

So what’s your standby fun thing for the kids when it’s too cold to play outside and you need to get out of the house?



Tea and Tantrum

20 Dec

I just can’t get over the fact that my kids like tea!  This was them last night in my bed watching a last bedtime program (it was Caillou in case you’re interested).  It’s only chamomile (in case any of you think I am giving them caffeinated beverages) which I happen to buy in bulk because I drink it every night before bed.  But I didn’t acquire a taste for tea until my 20’s!

There’s something so soothing about a nice cup of chamomile tea and there are many health benefits. Here are some:

  • Insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Muscle twitches
  • Wounds, burns, and scrapes
  • Skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, chickenpox, and diaper rash
  • Stomach problems such as menstrual cramps, stomach flu, and ulcers

The calm tea drinking moment was a nice end to a day that began like this.

Do your children drink tea or coffee?

Tea and Secrets

17 Dec

I’m a huge tea drinker (but I never drink coffee).

So this morning my daughter asked me if she could have tea with her breakfast which was so cute.  Of course her brother had to want it too.  (They like chamomile).

After I served them it was too quiet at the table.  Silence is alarming when you have young children, usually means someone is up to no good.  So when I went to investigate I saw this.

They were whispering, and actually this is probably the first time I’ve even heard them whisper.  And, they were bad mouthing a cute little boy who attends school with them.  I instructed them to act kindly and then I told them I needed to take a picture.  I snapped it on my Blackberry only seconds before my son jumped up, pulled out his erect penis, and said,

Why don’t you take a picture of my penis instead!


Can someone please tell me why/how boys are so disgusting?

Oh and have a great weekend!

A Too Tired Ballerina

15 Dec

Oh how I couldn’t wait to sit down during the little one’s dance class today and get lost in my Kindle.  I climbed up to the parent’s area in the balcony and dove into my reading.

As I read I heard the music, the laughter and the pitter patter of little happy feet.  But when I looked up I saw my little one was not producing the cheerful sounds I heard.

I watched…waiting for to get up and join in.

But she continued to just lay there…and not care!

This little one is a stubborn thing.  I imagined she was laying down in some kind of protest.  Maybe a classmate had stood too close to her, or perhaps she didn’t like the wand she got.

When a water break was called shortly after I raced down to see her.

Why are you laying down, I asked her.

I’m too tired to dance mommy.

Aw, she is only 3 years old after all.  But her second wind did emerge when the teacher pulled out some enticing balloons to chase around.

I love this kid!


Big Bad Santa

14 Dec

Santa is really too accessible don’t you think?  I mean, there he is at every holiday party, all sprawled out in the center of the mall, outside stores and let’s not forget visiting nursery school.  And when you have children who are Santaphobic, this time of year is not easy!

Today Santa visited my little one’s nursery school class.  Now I know my kids aren’t the only ones freaked by him, so why must the school torture my daughter (and me) by his presence? I guess I could have kept her home today like my wise friend, but I selfishly needed the 1 hour of freedom as we embark on her 3 week school vacation!

She really wanted nothing to do with him.  And I wouldn’t think about forcing the issue.  But when the teacher suggested I go up with her, the little one decided it would be acceptable if I told Santa what she wants…(but she still wouldn’t even look at him!)

Hi Santa…Little one would like a unicorn pillow pet please!

As the most unfestive mom on the planet, or at least in that classroom, it wasn’t easy!

You know it wasn’t always this way.  Little one used to love Santa.  When they first met she was just 7 months old and very much resembling Conan O’Brien.

(I’m sorry but if that isn’t the cutest Santa picture ever, then what is?)

So now my girls want nothing to do with him.  My favorite part of an article I read:

Analyzed or not, the forced Santa Claus issue ultimately serves no beneficial purpose. Parents, imagine yourself in your child’s place, especially if you’re a woman: Imagine being forced to sit in a giant man’s lap — a man who gives you the total creeps, a man with a straggly beard and funny look in his eyes, and you’re convinced he’ll do whatever he wants with your body, and nobody is around to rescue you. Fighting him off is not an option because he’s three feet taller and 150 pounds heavier than you.

How would you feel?

Taking Kids to the Movies

13 Dec

With HBO and DVR and DVD rentals, we rarely go the movies.  At almost eleven bucks per ticket without considering snacks, on top of the cost of a babysitter, my husband and I would rather stay home and watch movies (plus we are very easily annoyed by people!).

So this weekend was very special because got motivated and took the kids to see their first movie in the movie theater.  My daughter has been dying to see Tangled so that’s what we saw.  It was delightful.  I’ve always loved the story of Rapunzel and now I know why she has long hair!  The twins were mesmerized.  The little one was somewhat restless but basically did well.

Though we’ve only done this once, I have an idea of what to do to make the movie theatre excursion work with the little guys:

1–Don’t get there early!  This is hard for me because I am an early/punctual person but the little guys don’t need to watch previews and wait around so get to the movie on time or even a few minutes late.

2–Sit by other families and/or away from people who might be bothered by noise.  I imagine this won’t be a problem in most kid movies but you never know!

3–Snacks!!! Being the cheap asses we are, we weren’t going to get popcorn, but it’s a must!  We got a big tub and 3 empty bags and refilled as necessary…kept the kids busy, satiated and content.

4–Beverages!!!  No need to buy them right?  We brought juice boxes and a bottle of water.

As I sat with them in the theater I wondered if the day will be forever etched in their memories.  I was around the same age as the twins when I went to the theater for the first time…I saw Freaky Friday and I still have a vague memory of it 35 years later!

Do you remember your first movie theater movie?


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