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Chew The Fat Friday

30 Jul

Everyday here with my little guys is insane.  Yesterday we had pizza delivered and the pizza guy, hearing all the background noise when I opened the door, asked if I have a daycare in my home!

My 3-year-old is a complete motormouth.  She was talking in full sentences at 18 months. She’s been saying some really cute things this week like:

Mommy, I want to live in your tummy again.

Everyday daddy gives me big smooches and you give me little ones.

Mommy I want to go in a bubble one day.

My little big man cracks me up all day with the things that come out of his mouth,

I think myself stinks.

My holder cup works now!

The pisa of tower is in Italy.

Fire never happens in New York.  If there is one I will get an italian ice ball and throw it at it.

The best is when he feels my stubbly legs and tells me they are “rusty”!

Have a nice weekend!

How to Shop with Two 4 Year Olds and One 3 Year Old

29 Jul

Oh, here I go about Target again.

My children seem to love that place as much as I do.  They are all too agreeable to take an excursion there.  Sometimes I’m asked how I manage to shop (or get anything done for that matter) with all 3 in tow. 

Here’s what I do.

On the car ride to our destination, let’s say Target, I explain my rules and expectations in a fun and adventurous way:

1. We’re not going to fight with each other in Target because then we might be asked to leave and then how will be able to buy milk, ice cream, etc…

2. If we can’t find the big cart all of you can ride, who’s going to walk and be mom’s helper?  Who’s going to be the pilot in the front? and so on…

3.We won’t be buying any candy, BUT, we can pick out some ice cream.

4.If everyone is a good listener you will be able to pick a treat when we are done shopping.  (Target is great because of the dollar aisles)

Apologies if I am stating the obvious but we went today and it was painless and productive as a result of the prepping! 

Though passersby did here the little one singing,

Chooooooooocolate yooooooooogurt looooooooks like doooooodeeeeeeee!

And am I always surprised at what comes out of my mouth,

Please, please do not lick the shopping cart.

Please take your foot off of your sister’s butt.

Tongues do not belong on yogurt containers.

Please stop wrestling with your heads.

And so on.

Happy shopping all!

Sisterly Love

28 Jul

Today the girls were sharing a swing at the park.  Big sis said to little sis (whose head was on her shoulder):

I always want you to stay this little.

I said, you really love your baby sister, don’t you?  And then the little one said,

And I love my big sister.

Ah it was such a sweet moment.

Then she asked me why god gave us two hands…..


27 Jul

It’s been a rough couple of days with the kids. 

I looked up the definition of patience and was intrigued with the one Wikipedia provides:

Patience is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance/anger in a negative way; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties. It is also used to refer to the character trait of being steadfast.

Endurance under difficult circumstances sums up the way I feel.  Except without the endurance. 

It’s just morning here.  The kids have been up for just over an hour.  And I can’t take it already.  The whining, the fighting, the smart mouths. 

Oh and this is the little one at the table.  She has no clothes on and is refusing to eat the oatmeal that she requested for breakfast.

I’m not sure how to not let it get to me.  I seem to always lose that inner struggle. 

How does one acquire patience?

Email from the Future, Books and Green Hair

26 Jul

Hey have you ever heard of  It’s a web site where you can create an email to send to the future.  I heard about it last summer and today I received an email I wrote exactly one year ago.

Well, I must have been high when I wrote it, or else in need of a lot of positive affirmation.  Wanna know what I wrote?  Here it is:
Dear FutureMe,

Are you living in that GC house you saw again today?

Are M, M & L fighting all day and driving you crazy? Remember what blessings they are and how blessed you are in general.

Don’t sweat the small stuff!

I love you.

Yes I am living in that house I toured one year ago.  And yes my children still fight constantly.  And those are good reminders to myself.  The ‘i love you’ is very strange and embarrassing and I can’t fathom that I wrote it.

And speaking of the future, I am reading a completely riveting book, The Passage, by Justin Cronin.  Can’t. put. it. down.  Which is why I haven’t posted here in a while.  In fact, I locked myself in the bathroom last night for a few moments while my little guy was having a tantrum and read a few pages!  It would be great to have a wireless reading device for this one though as it is well over seven hundred pages, heavy to lug around. 

Not that I really have the time to be carrying a book around to read…yet I continue to fanatasize about more visits to the adult area of the pool…

We’ve been going to the kiddie pool, however, at least three times a week and I noticed my girl’s hair was getting a green hue to it.  I had always thought green hair was a myth but there it was, right before me.  I sought out some advice on Facebook and ended up finding Ultraswim shampoo at Walgreen (thanks Joanne!).  That shampoo is great.  If you find it pick up more than one because the stores can’t seem to keep them in stock.

It’s been so hot here but you won’t hear me complain.  Summer is my season and I say bring on the heat!  

What have you been doing to deal with the hot weather?

Give Someone the Gift of A Compliment Today

22 Jul

Can you remember the last time you received a compliment?

Many people spend lifetimes with little or no acknowledgement.

Compliments are such effortless acts of kindness yet most of us don’t give them on a regular basis.  The beauty is that both the giver and the receiver benefit because the feelings are positive and therefore peaceful. 

So slow down and take a long, hard look at the people you love today, or even a stranger, and say something nice.  As long as it’s genuine, you’ll be surprised at how good you’ll both feel afterward.

But what about accepting compliments?  That’s a whole other hurdle for some of us.  If it is difficult for you, make a choice to accept it as you would a gift.

There is no reason not to accept the gift of a kind word.

Read A Book I Really Liked

21 Jul

I used to be an avid reader, preferring books to television and everything else.  However, I’ve found as I get older and more exhausted with less free time, sadly I am not reading as much as my free time is allocated for other things.  I do go to the library regularly though, and I am a big nerd about reserving books online.  Sometimes I get a book suggestion for the NY Times bestseller list and sometimes from elsewhere. 

I had reserved Emily Giffin’s Heart of the Matter but I don’t even remember where it was suggested to me.  I can tell you I love a book when the first page hooks me (like this did), and despite my mania and distracted life, I want to keep reading every moment I can.

It wasn’t my usual read…….about relationships, adultery, etc as I prefer thrillers (Dean Koontz, Harlan Coben, etc) but the writing was stellar and that hooked me.  I don’t want to completely bore you but in some parts the writing was so crafty that I earmarked paragraphs to reread. 

Here’s one where the main character is in Target (hello relatable!) and another mother has made smug comment …

I flash a fake smile of my own, refraining from telling her what I’m really thinking: that it’s an unwise karmic move to go around feeling superior to other mothers. Because, before she knows it, her little angel could become a tattooed teenager hiding joints in her designer handbag and doling out blowjobs in the backseat of her BMW.


This was another excerpt that I liked…

all women compare lives.  We are aware of whose husband works more, who helps more around the house, who makes more money, who is having more sex.  We compare out children, taking note of who is sleeping through the night, eating their vegetables, minding their manners, getting into the right schools.  We know who keeps the best house, throws the best parties, cooks the best meals, has the best tennis game.  We know who among us is the smartest, has the fewest lines around her eyes, has the best figure–whether naturally or artificially.  We are aware of who works full-time, who stays at home with the kids, who manages to do it all and make it look easy, who shops and lunches while the nanny does it all.  We digest it all and then discuss it with our friends.  Comparing and then confiding; it is what women do.

Can you relate to that?  I think it’s spot on and anyone who says it is not is in denial. 

When we moved several months ago, I vowed to myself to try to stay pleasant but detached as I was already aware of cliques and gossip.  I think it’s going okay.

Anyway I enjoyed this book a lot.  I really wish I could write like her.  

 Anyone reading anything great these days?

Rainy Morning Delights

19 Jul

It started to rain as we headed to the park this morning so I just kept driving and we went to the mall.  The kids got to participate in a few of their very favorite activities:

1.  The merry-go-round

I wish I could feel such glee from any activity.  I am actually thrilled they are old enough now to ride without me as my motion sick prone psyche does not mix well with any carousel.  How pathetic is it that the workers recognize us?  The ticket taker asked how are summer is going and how’s my husband!  I don’t know why I feel embarrassed that they ‘know’ us but she said it’s that we stand out and are very nice……?!?

2.  The train

As usual, we had the whole train to ourselves and I was happy to see they didn’t all cram into one seat like they always seem to.  But oh how hard it was for me to stand so close to my beloved store Nordstrom Rack and not even go in for a peak!

3.  The escalator

I sware if I let them they would ride up and down all day.  Do all children feel this way or are mine strange?  I still have a little post traumatic stress from the time the three of us headed up without my daughter at my side.  As we got further away and her tears flowed heavier, thankfully, a kind mom stood in and with a hand on her shoulder reassured her I would come right back.  Not one of my shining mom moments.

4.  The coin operated machines

They never question that fact that I have no money when we arrive in this area and remind me to bring some next time.  Though today they looked so cute on the ‘roller coaster’ all seated together that I sucked it up and inserted a dollar.

5.  The dollar store

We saved the best treat for last.  The worshipped dollar store where we got $3.53 worth of more junk made in China.

But all in all it was a fun morning and not bad for $14.00.

The best part?  The sun is out now!

Chew The Fat Friday

16 Jul

Well, it’s very exciting here today because grandma and grandpa are in town.  The kids are wildly happy and are all over them.  The first thing my girl said to my mom after she hugged her was,

Grandma you have old skin on your knees.

Then she looks at her puzzled and says,

Why don’t you have children?

We were in the pool earlier today and I was pushing my little guy around singing ‘”everybody’s gone surfin” and he shouts out,

I know who sings that…The Boys!

He went on talking about his favorite subject, cars…

Why are there so many Lincolns?  Oh, I know they use them for taxi caps!  Mommy what color was your little car, the Chrysler Pizzeria?

Actually Chrysler Pizzeria is about as good a name as PT Cruiser!

He also loves volcanoes and learned about Mt Vesuvius in camp this week and told me all about it…

There was a big volcano that covered everything in fire and dash.

My little one was thrilled to be swimming in her aunt’s

hot pool

But then she got too hot and wanted to go back to the

cold tub

And speaking of which I was talking about why certain foods belong in the freezer and my son says

otherwise the ice cream will turn to melt!

I hope we all don’t turn to melt this weekend…gonna be a hot one!

The Status of Toileting

15 Jul


Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary

[edit] Noun

toileting (uncountable)

  1. The use of the toilet, especially by young children


I told you awhile back that I was constantly summoned to wipe butts of my young children. 

Well, how quickly they mature!

Not only does my son no longer call me to wipe him, when he went into the bathroom today he instructed me not “to listen”. 

 When he vacated the bathroom I asked if he had moved his bowels (Is this bad?  I just want to ensure there is nothing left behind!) and he told me he didn’t want to talk about it.

My girl hasn’t needed me in the bathroom for sometime now.  She’s a mature little lady but I’m finding I do need to remind her to pee when she awakens.

And the little one?  She’s the only one we buy product for these days and she just loves those princess pull-ups.  She’s always liked to wipe all by herself.  And that includes wiping the toilet seat down with the toilet water after she’s done!


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