Chew The Fat Friday

25 Jun

My little guys run into my bed every morning.  The twins were just in there holding hands while my son says,

I’m going to squeeze all the pleasure out of you!

Then I was getting dressed and he pointed to my large hips and laughs,

Look on here, its fat!

Then he shows me his arm and says,

I’m growin hair but daddy has bigger hair than me.

The kids are all really into cars.  When we drive around they need to know the names of each car they see and they are able to identify a Chrysler, Mercedes, Jeep, Lexus.  So I’ve been hearing things like this…

Did Uncle Vinny drive his Jeep or his Mercedes to work today?

Mom, how come we don’t have a Mercedes?

And lastly, they all keep obsessing about a sign posted on a street near our home.  It’s been there awhile, for a garage sale that already happened.  I was trying to explain what the sign says and my son asks,

Were they selling garages that needed to get fixed?

Have a warm and sunny weekend!

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