I Told My Teacher….

7 Jun

Okay let’s pause. 

When any of the kids start a sentence that way, my heart stops a little.  

I don’t what it is with my household but there is way too much talk about a lot of gross stuff.  So I guess I knew what was coming when she finished the sentence….

that my brother chases me every night and says “Open your butt so I can smell it!”

(Sadly, she’s not lying.)

Seriously what is wrong with my kids?

They look like cherubs, are pretty polite and mostly well-behaved in public (as much as 4 and 3 year olds can be), but they are gross!

So you may be wondering what the teacher said after that?

You tell your brother that’s not nice.

And this is another reason why we are the biggest white trash in our town.

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