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My Children Are Stuck in the 80′s Like Their Mom

30 Jun

So I’m sure you’re not surprised to learn that I drive around all day in my minivan.  As if that’s uncool enough, I love to listen to the 80’s channel on my satellite radio.  (Note we do have a DVD player but I told the kids it’s broken because they were getting obsessed and fighting about what to watch constantly.  Now I wonder why I didn’t think of that ingenious plan sooner!)

So now the kids are hearing 80’s music constantly and they are belting it out  as they color, ride their bikes or whatever.  Some of the most chanted songs are:

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Video Killed the Radio Star

De Do Do Do De Da Da Da

Our House

Then I had the realization that I have no idea what music is popular these days which makes me officially lame.  I decided to check out the hits station.  I felt like I was hearing an episode of The Hills so I guess I’ve heard some of them before. 

Tell me what’s the deal with this Kesha and does she say “brush my TEEF with Jack Daniels”?

I really want to be some semblance of cool so as not to be a complete embarrassment to my kids when they start to become aware, but this stuff does nothing for me.

How did I get so old!

Addicted to Starbucks and I Don’t Even Like Coffee

29 Jun

I’m not completely sure how it happened.  But I’m addicted to Starbucks.   And I need an intervention.

Actually, I kind of do know how it happened.  I NEED caffeine to get through each day.

Let’s start with the ironic fact that I don’t even like coffee.  Not even anything with the slightest flavor of coffee. 

But I am a big tea drinker.  When coffee places like Starbucks started incorporating tea drinks into their menus it was a happy day for me.  (This reminds me of when Chicken McNuggets were first introduced to McDonald’s, maybe in the early 80’s?  As a person who also dislikes hamburgers, I was quite excited.) 

So I started drinking the chai tea lattes once in a while.

When my twins were babies and I was pregnant with the little one, I even started shopping at Target a couple of times a week just so I could also visit the Starbucks stand there.  (and then this other thing happened where I became addicted to Target…..mine is getting produce this month and the excitement I feel is a little disturbing when I take a step back and think about it!)

And now I’m obsessed.  I even had a dream about getting one last night.  But after I got it I couldn’t find my bag…….hmmmm,  symbolic of all the $$$ wasted on these drinks? 

I often meticulously plan how to get my drink (with 3 kids in tow) on the way to wherever we’re going and wonder why my geographical area has not been blessed with a Starbucks drive through.

So now you know my big obsession.  I’m not proud of it.

What are you hooked on?

I Now Have 3 Graduates

28 Jun

Is it too late for me to discuss this?  I was reluctant to bring up graduations again.

They were cute, but still ridiculous.   

First up to graduate were the twins.  

95 degrees in the classrooms and I was running back and forth between 2 rooms in attempt to capture the important moments for each twin. 

Do you want to know what I found so aggravating?  Here I go.

Can you believe that the teacher delayed the start of my daughter’s ceremony to wait for 2 more parents to arrive?  We were all just standing there silently (felt bad for the parents wearing suits…it was so hot) while the teacher looked dreamily at the clock, and it was already TEN MINUTES beyond the time we were told to arrive!

I have a real intolerance for lateness (be thankful that I’m opting not to go off on a tangent about this right now) so I found it rather unpleasant that we were all being held up for the tardy ones.  Maybe it was also that I was feeling the pressure of my son’s ceremony starting in the other classroom as I tried to calculate at what point to go to that room which would then cost me my good photo taking spot in my daughter’s classroom!  (Can you see why I call myself manic?) 

I ended up missing the shot of the diploma being handed over but these are the happy graduates during the post ceremony party consumption of around 20 munchkins each! (Yeah I cropped the teacher to respect her privacy)

Later in the week the twins sat with me in the audience while the little one had her ceremony up on stage.   Again we were sitting there waiting forever (asked to arrive at 9:30 only for it to start at 10) and the twins were doing their best to be patient but it was rough.  And I couldn’t get up to walk them around and risk losing our seats! 

But she was so cute up there on stage.  She was one of the first to receive her “diploma” and as the other children were called, using her diploma as a megaphone, she sang her favorite song.  Not Mary had a Little Lamb, not Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or any other kid song you can imagine…

She was singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  Loudly!

The next day they all were wondering why they weren’t going to school :)

Chew The Fat Friday

25 Jun

My little guys run into my bed every morning.  The twins were just in there holding hands while my son says,

I’m going to squeeze all the pleasure out of you!

Then I was getting dressed and he pointed to my large hips and laughs,

Look on here, its fat!

Then he shows me his arm and says,

I’m growin hair but daddy has bigger hair than me.

The kids are all really into cars.  When we drive around they need to know the names of each car they see and they are able to identify a Chrysler, Mercedes, Jeep, Lexus.  So I’ve been hearing things like this…

Did Uncle Vinny drive his Jeep or his Mercedes to work today?

Mom, how come we don’t have a Mercedes?

And lastly, they all keep obsessing about a sign posted on a street near our home.  It’s been there awhile, for a garage sale that already happened.  I was trying to explain what the sign says and my son asks,

Were they selling garages that needed to get fixed?

Have a warm and sunny weekend!

One of The Scariest Movies I’ve Watched in Awhile

24 Jun

Last night I was flipping through my free on demand movies and I stumbled upon one called The Children.   

I can’t stop thinking about it. 

The premise is extremely disturbing and unpleasant.  During a family reunion in the English countryside,  the children start becoming physically and mentally sick.  This illness turns them into little sociopaths whose primary victims are their parents.  

I like that the creepiness is enhanced by the movie primarily taking place in the daytime.  It portrays what’s rarely seen in other flicks….children killing and children being killed.  The children are both victims and perpetrators.  The adults seem to become defenseless at the reality that the children are killers and the only way to stop them is to kill them.  Just the thought of your children becoming infected with some sort of illness that causes them to kill in horrific ways is potent, powerful material.  The viewer is never told why this is happening yet there is an ending, a chilling one at that, which foreshadows that the worst is yet to come for the survivors.

I really didn’t need to be watching this at 10 o’clock…I have enough trouble sleeping!

Has anyone seen it?  I’m completely creeped out!

Mommy’s Love

23 Jun

As I was tucking in my 4-year-old daughter last night, she looked at me seriously with penetrating green eyes which were wide like this:

She said,

Mom, will you love me forever, no matter what?

Yes, I will love you forever no matter what, I said.

Even if I’m bad, or mean, or go to jail?

Yes, I will always love you.   I may not always like the choices you make, but I will never not love you, I replied.

She seemed to exhale, broke into a big smile and gave me a hug.

It makes me sad that she worries about being unloved and it makes me think of children who don’t get any love or support.

But now I’m also wondering what she did!!!

My Kids Have a Great Dad

22 Jun

I was thinking all last weekend about how I could write about Father’s Day with a tribute to my husband but found myself struggling with how to best articulate my thoughts. 

So we were at the pool on Saturday and as I trudged around in 6 inches of water I noticed that many of the parents, like myself,  appeared as though they were going through the motions of having a fun time.  Some just looked plain miserable!  I’ll even admit I often glanced longingly at the adult pool, fantasizing about having an hour to myself to snooze in the sun.

But there was my husband, completely immersed and splashing and swimming with the kids…

This picture about sums it up better than anything I could write.  He was the ONLY adult completely submerged in that pool.  I even saw other kids gravitating towards him. 

He is a stellar dad.

So I want to give a post Father’s Day shout out to my awesome husband…we love and appreciate you!

…Or Else it Gets the Hose Again…

21 Jun

AH summer. 

I pull out the kiddie pool, fill er up and the kids frolick.  Not!

My kids have a problem with little things like Biting, Pushing, Hitting, Shoving.  You get the idea.

SO mom came up with a great new game one 90 degree day.

It goes like this.  We all play nicely in the pool or get sprayed with the hose.  Mommy just loves this game and is sure the neighbors are overhearing these commands,

Stop pulling down your sisters bathing suit or you’ll GET THE HOSE AGAIN.

If you bite your brother, you’ll GET THE HOSE AGAIN.

Mom, don’t spray me again!

Has the sadist within me come out in my parenting?  Because I enjoyed this a little too much! 

Hmm, what would Hannibel Lecter say?

Chew the Fat Friday

18 Jun

I really set myself up for this one.  I was scrambling around getting dressed yesterday morning and my LOVELY daughter observes while giggling,

Your hiney’s wiggling!  It’s like jelly!  It’s like gelatin!

But then she told me that she was listening to her radio (I put on classical music for them all every night) and

The music was so pretty it made me cry.

The little one is still doing great on the potty and she continues to be very interested in evaluating her bowel movements…

That’s the tallest doodee I never seen!

She rubbed my leg and said

I feel sand on you

This fat assed, stubbly legged mom wishes you a wonderful Friday!

Bubbles Make Kids Happy

17 Jun

How many of you remember the last moment of complete exhilaration you experienced?

I can’t express how enjoyable it is for me to watch my children chase bubbles.  The giddy giggles are awesome.  Moods seem to transform instantly when bubbles appear. 

I don’t want them to ever outgrow these joyful moments! 

What gives your kids the greatest delight?


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