#MyPrintly from HP

25 Jul

Yes I went to ANOTHER event recently and having a moment a way from the kids was a treat!

As someone who takes a photo from time to time…..(who me?) and has just a few on her phone (568)..the MyPrintly event was the perfect place to be.  I learned how to tag my photos (#MyPrintly) on Instagram (you can do it on Twitter too) and print them out automatically on hashtag printers.

The photos were printed with sticky backs perfect for DIY projects for a crafty mom (what I AIM to be in life!).

You can also print social media pics from mobile devices by downloading the HP Social Media Snapshots app.

Check out MyPrintly for more info and fun ideas. :)

Highlights from #BloggerBash

24 Jul

I was sad I had to miss my buddy’s awesome annual Getting Gorgeous bloggers event extraordinaire last week for the first time since it’s inception!  It’s a challenge, at times, to find all day coverage for the kids so I can get into Manhattan.  These summer days have been long and it’s been non stop with those monkeys.

I did however get to attend Blogger Bash for the first time ever and and wow. There was so much going on in so many rooms and bloggers everywhere from all over.  I heard about some new things happening over a wonderful Disney Infinity Breakfast…including the fact that Star Wars is joining up with Disney Infinity.

I moved onto a room filled with tons of sponsors and these were some of the ones that stood out:

Smugglers’ Notch Resort–I learned that this vacation destination for families has activities not only in the winter but in the summer and fall too! I’ve been gazing at the beautiful Vermont scenery in the catalogs and it looks wonderful.

U.S Fund for Unicef–As a social worker I am always drawn to UNICEF which helps save and protect children.  Handcrafted gifts are now available through UNICEF market.

Understood–is a comprehensive, FREE online resource to support parents of kids with learning and attention issues and empower them to help their children thrive in school and in life.  This looks awesome and very useful!

There was so much to see and do,  I caught a little bit of a presentation on “How to Double Your Traffic Potential Through Simple Seo Steps” right in the middle of this sponsor room.

But more than all of the sponsors and presentations, it was a neat opportunity for me to connect with other bloggers from wide and far…. a wonderful day!

In the Midst of Glorious Summer

14 Jul

I love where I am these days.

Yes the kids are driving me nuts.  And yes my house is a mess. But summer is serenity for me.

We are at the beach or the pool everyday and I don’t want it any. other. way!

Life is so rigorous for the kids all year that my plan has been to have few plans this summer….lots of unstructured play with a few little camp days here and there.

How’s your summer been so far?

Last Day of 4th Grade and 2nd Grade

26 Jun

I’ve blinked and the year has come to an end.  It’s getting to be too much as it doesn’t feel like 9 months has gone by since we snapped out first day of school photo.  The kids are so happy summer is here.  I love summer too but I actually feel sad today.  They are growing up too fast.  My big guys have one more year at their school and then it’s middle school!  It’s hard to wrap my brain around that but I guess I have no choice.  How are you coping with the end of school?

Memorial Day Birthday Celebration

29 May

My baby girl turned 8 years old this week and I’m blown away more and more by each passing birthday at how rapidly it all flies by.


2nd grade is when we end the big parties so we went out with a big fun bang.  We had a sunny and glorious afternoon in which we celebrated my baby girl at a local amusement park with a small group of 23 children! It truly was a spectacular day and everyone had fun!



Though it pains me that she is getting older, her birthday is always so joyous on the long Memorial day weekend during one of my favorite seasons. :)  Did you have a nice extended weekend?


Roasting Marshmallows…Inside the House!

22 May

We saw those giant marshmallows in BJs tonight and the kids went craaazy.

When we got home they were begging to roast them ASAP.  But at 8:00 on a Friday night there wasn’t anyway we were about to start a bonfire.

So, I ingeniously just turned on the pilot on the stove and there were…roasting marshmallows!

Not that my kids needed any more sugar tonight!

What are some cool mom/dad tricks you utilize to utterly thrill your children?

Mother and Daughter Event at TROLLBEADS NYC

4 May


On Sunday I ventured into the city for a fun mother & daughter event hosted by my friend Vera Sweeney and her daughter at Trollbeads on the Upper West side of NYC.  The girls were gifted with beautiful flower crowns and they looked absolutely adorbs!

The idea at the store is simple and cool.  You select your bracelet, your beads and your locks, with your style and budget in mind.  There are so many designs to choose from and the kids were delighted by the beautiful beads.


It was a great day for me to spend time with my daughter (though I neglected to snap a photo of the two of us together!) and an equally great time for her to spend with her good friend!


I am the new, proud owner of this beautiful sterling silver bracelet and lock….I can’t wait to fill it with some beads…could be a great Mother’s Day gift………….!!!


Check out Trollbeads for some great personalized jewelry ideas!

Another Post About Shopping with the Kids

30 Apr

You would think now that my kids are little people, not babies, that shopping would have gotten a little bit easier than it was when I had to drag a double stroller and pull the shopping cart with the other baby in it.


I had to run to the market on Sunday and all 3 complained, I mean really complained like I was torturing them to death, that they had to come food shopping with me for the 5 ITEMS I needed.

When we arrived at the store all of them, at the age of 9, 9 and almost 8 years old, jumped into the shopping cart which resulted in me pushing 200 pounds of kids around, while they fought, with no room for food.

Thankfully, I had the foresight to throw those damn iPods in my bag. It quieted the fighting. But I still had to push around 200 pounds of child.

 Thanks goodness they’re cute. :)

Easter Bunny

29 Mar

This weekend was so much fun. On Saturday it was insane in that it was SNOWING here at the end of March but we decided to carry on with a fun spring event and visit the Easter Bunny. A local nursery has the bunny every year and it’s the best thing going.  The line is quick.  It’s free.  You shoot your own photo.  It looks fab…and memories are made!  Cutest thing ever was when my son argued with us that this was not “the real Easter Bunny”.  He knew this was just “someone in a costume” because he could “see the sneakers sticking out”!!!

I love it!  Are you planning on seeing the Easter Bunny?

My Little Leprechaun

21 Mar


My 2nd grader is so lucky to have the same teacher that my son had two years ago.  Every year it seems she puts on a little St Patrick’s Day Play in the classroom and invites the parents to come watch.  It’s really a pleasure because as the kids get older there are fewer and fewer invitations to the classroom for anything.

I watched my peanut with such delight and couldn’t believe two whole years have passed since I sat in the same spot, watching the same play with my son as a star.  Truly the time is going way too fast and it does kill me sometimes.

I’m so grateful to have these opportunities to see my children so happy in their school activities…with teachers who are so wonderful.  But how can I slow down time?!


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