Easter Bunny

29 Mar

This weekend was so much fun. On Saturday it was insane in that it was SNOWING here at the end of March but we decided to carry on with a fun spring event and visit the Easter Bunny. A local nursery has the bunny every year and it’s the best thing going.  The line is quick.  It’s free.  You shoot your own photo.  It looks fab…and memories are made!  Cutest thing ever was when my son argued with us that this was not “the real Easter Bunny”.  He knew this was just “someone in a costume” because he could “see the sneakers sticking out”!!!

I love it!  Are you planning on seeing the Easter Bunny?

My Little Leprechaun

21 Mar


My 2nd grader is so lucky to have the same teacher that my son had two years ago.  Every year it seems she puts on a little St Patrick’s Day Play in the classroom and invites the parents to come watch.  It’s really a pleasure because as the kids get older there are fewer and fewer invitations to the classroom for anything.

I watched my peanut with such delight and couldn’t believe two whole years have passed since I sat in the same spot, watching the same play with my son as a star.  Truly the time is going way too fast and it does kill me sometimes.

I’m so grateful to have these opportunities to see my children so happy in their school activities…with teachers who are so wonderful.  But how can I slow down time?!

Dad vs Son

15 Mar


My son’s first travel ice hockey season wrapped up last weekend and it was wonderful.  The season culminated with a fun game of dads vs sons and it was a complete joy to watch.


I was completely freaked out when the season started and I saw that schedule and the 42 games, 2 tournaments and roughly 80 practices we had to work our way through. But I am now such a convert.  I totally see the merits of a travel team.  The work we the parents put in on behalf of the kids is worth it to witness the growth, the bonding, the sportsmanship and a day like this day which will always be one I remember fondly. <3


Has your child ever competed against you or your spouse?

My First Travel Hockey Tournament (Officially A Hockey Mom)

20 Feb

Our Presidents Weekend was spent traveling to a suburb of Philadelphia where my son participated in an ice hockey tournament.  The entire family accompanied him and we got to experience the whole event for a few days including, taking over the hotel… (that’s the lobby)


Playing lots of screens in down time.


And of course playing lots and lots of ice hockey!

IMG_5133 IMG_5132



They made it to the championship game and I was on the edge of my seat.  I’ve mentioned I’m not an athlete myself and I’m still learning aspects of the game of hockey.  But this weekend I realized I truly love this game and I am prouder than ever to call myself a hockey mom.  The boys played their hearts out and most of them were so disappointed that they ultimately walked away with second place status in the tournament.  They wanted to win!


It was great getting to know the other hockey families and though the season is ending I’m hoping to see a lot of the same faces on the team with him next season.

Now if I can only figure out how to tie these damn skates….!


then I will be a legit hockey mom :)


It’s Twin Thing

12 Feb

My 9-year-old twins are a little like a little married couple.  They fight hard.  They love harder.  But what I sometimes find amusing is that they literally cannot keep their hands off each other.  And really, I think it has to be related to those 9 months together in my womb.  Think about it.  They were squished all over each other for all of those days and there must be a memory of that and a primal need for them to be close now still.

11 weeks

11 weeks


20 months

20 months


9 years old

9 years old

I am sold on the twin bond.  I’ve seen it every day for the past 9 plus years and it’s there.  That’s not to say that these two don’t go at it like crazy, but there’s a real bond on a level that may not even be one that I can fully comprehend.

And I absolutely love it! :)

Anyone else want to share twin observations?





Please Say Hello To Laura Ingalls Wilder

28 Jan

Today my little one had to do her biographical presentation.  Parents were instructed not to buy costumes and just to make a simple outfit from something at home.  She has the same wonderful teacher that my son had and I cannot believe it was 2 years ago that he had his presentation.  (Give that a click…it was then I recounted my 5th grade presentation as Amelia Earhart!)

I am DYING from the cuteness of my little one as Laura Ingalls Wilder and I can’t wait until she returns home from school to hear how it all went down.


I’d say we did well with the look huh?!

P.S  Are you like me and did you spend your entire childhood watching Little House on the Prairie?  I’m older than a lot of my mom friends and they have no clue about the wonders of this program.  I could talk about it for hours.  And some nights the hubs and I jump for joy when we find it on the Hallmark Channel and continue to get immense pleasure from it.  When he does find it he’ll shout out “Manly!”

P.P.S  Now that I’ve revealed this you probably think I’m more batsh*t crazy than ever and that I somehow influenced this choice of character for my daughter.  Nope!  What I love is that her big sister, an avid reader, who has read the books made the suggestion.  It was a great one.  :)

Our Snow Mountain

27 Jan

What a delight today has been having the whole family home safe and together on a Tuesday to play in the snow!!!

We got dumped with about a foot of snow.  The thing that makes it extra exciting for my kids is that we live on a dead-end so when my street gets plowed (and it takes some time!) the snow is all piled into the middle…what becomes our snow mountain!

IMG_5006 IMG_5001 IMG_5002 IMG_4991

They spend a good chunk of time scaling that mountain and sledding down it. It’s great entertainment and we don’t have to go anywhere to get it!


I love days like today!  Did you get today off too?

Elizabeth Arden Opens a New Red Door Spa at the Garden City Hotel!

26 Jan

Today I am nesting as I await the blizzard.  As much as you know I prefer the sun I say bring it on!  Before it hit 10:00 I had already gone to Trader Joes, Target, run 2 loads of laundry and started sauce and meatballs and chicken soup.  (Listen I didn’t call this blog manic for nothing!) The soup is for my big girl who is home with a sore throat.

We are doing some girl things today and I gave her a little pedicure. During her “spa time”, I found my mind wandering to last week when I attended the grand opening for Elizabeth Arden’s newest Red Door Spa at the luxurious Garden City Hotel.


Well if you live in Garden City you’ve probably visited that Red Door once or twice.  But the Garden City Hotel’s Red Door is new and wonderful!  As part of The Garden City Hotel’s extensive renovation, the new Red Door Spa is located within a 7,000 square foot lower level complex houses a pool and fitness center.  Starting in spring 2015, spa guests will be able to enjoy the adjacent pool and fitness center before and after their treatments.  How many spas have you been to where you can exercise and swim?!


The new facility offers six deluxe treatment rooms, five manicure and pedicure thrones, and a full service hair salon. One of the treatment rooms is a couple’s suite and it is inviting and gorgeous.  The salon and spa also features a retail boutique, where guests can discover the latest skin care and beauty trends at the beauty bar, and shop for high-tech skin care and color products from the Elizabeth Arden and Red Door Spa Professional lines, as well as today’s leading hair care brands.

Select treatments will also be offered in-room in the hotel’s 272 newly renovated guest rooms and suites. Executive Chef Michael Mandato in collaboration with Red Door Spa will be introducing spa cuisine dining to further embellish the retreat experience.

Of course there’s easy valet parking in this beautiful environment so there’s no stress at all. :)


Meanwhile, I’m sitting here with my big girl in my sweats watching 20 episodes of Every Witch Way while she coughs on me.  Would I change a thing? Nah. But I’m still dreaming about the Red Door Spa at the Garden City Hotel!!!








So I Hear We’re Getting Some Snow

25 Jan

It doesn’t matter that we’re anticipating 3 feet of snow.  My little one was excited to play in 3 inches today.


And she was quite successful!

I don’t doubt we are expecting a lot of snow but I’m quite honestly exhausted from all the hysteria.

My Facebook feed is filled with all of the same images and rants.  Can’t. Take.  It.

So, I’m going to stare at this photo a bit to lighten my mood :)

If you’re in my neck of the woods, stay safe!


Love A Long Weekend

20 Jan

This is what our day off looked like, earlier in the week, on MLK Day……….


I keep telling my boy he has to take it easy on the girls.  But meanwhile my little peanut who is 100% muscle pummels him and everyone in the house so it’s quite a double standard!

With hockey on my little man’s mind constantly he always  tells me matter of factually he is simply “body checking”….when there isn’t a puck in site!  I’m hitting a stage where there’s always an answer for everything…tweens.

But I truly do love a day off with the kids and when they are rolling on the floor that’s my signal that it’s time to change scenery and burn some energy.


“Look mom take a picture!”


So we went swimming!

Many of the families we know went skiing over the long weekend…did you do anything fun?


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